Lest you be snared by a hopeless drone.

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Lost Drone
Tonight and from now on will be one of the loneliest nights. I lost my best friend because I don't know how to stick to him. I let someone I loved down. He asked me not to go, not to leave. It's too late to back to how things were between us and I will never get the chance to see him again. Tonight will be a very lonely night indeed. I just wished I could have loved him right and treated him right but I didn't and I see now just how much he put up. Just how many lonely nights he went through for me. I repay his love with horrible actions. I will never forget him and I will never forget just how much I loved him. I'm sorry it ended like this. I am sorry it wasn't me who lays next to you at night. I am sorry for everything Vida. Tonight, another teary Friday, and lonely weekend... 

In the distance I see a beach with water whirling around carefree and playfully. I see a child crying, covering his eyes from something I can't quiet see. As i get closer I can see he's facing a girl who is crouched down by him. Patting him on the back, tears are swelling up and I can tell she feels his sorrow. I walk towards them to see what is wrong, right then the girl looks up and I can see she is scarred from head to toe. The boy cries out why and slaps her hand away. Stung by his actions she says , "because I am never going to be good enough." In anger the boy storms off his arm covering his face. by the shore she sits and cries knowing that from now on, that boy will never again come back. Trying her best she covers her scars with dirt waiting for the tide to come to take her away. She looks at me again and asks if i am happy now.Before I could say anything the water reaches her feel and she fizzles away into foam and is carried away by the ocean. In the distance I see a beach with water whirling around carefree and playful, I understand now why it was never me they picked because everything was always at a distance. The distance that I placed.



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