Lest you be snared by a hopeless drone.

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Drone Diaries
Woke up kinda early today. Today on the agenda need to buy old frames, spray paint, get some interview clothes for next week. In two week. I am sharing a booth with a friend. We are going to sell a some nick knacks at an event for Pagans, Atheists, Political Liberals, etc. I have no idea what to sell so I am going to make some funky painting in pictures frames like in Amelie. Starting off a little late. Just making a little extra cash on the side, I want to eventually make things that would be pretty cool to sell. Like using old mother boards, RAM and other parts that are out dated and not used as much anymore and make a night light put a small LED in it and the light would come out of the cracks enclose in some plexiglass or something like that I don't know yet lol ... (/^.^)/
Meeting new people all of them with goals and things they do. I met a girl who is into Cost Play and anime she dresses up and knows of a seamstress that would make your outfit for you just bring her the picture, for really cheap.  we are hanging out we went to play pool and she was little shy but we had a lot of fun. She is the same girl who is going to share her booth with me. maybe afterward we'll get Indian food. I have never been at a pagan event. I think she practices Wicca I don't know if she definitely practices but she goes to shows and festivals a lot. 

So this weekend is pretty full then the next two weeks it's back to looking for work none stop. I feel a bit burned out. I sleep and think and I'm in an interview. I had a pretty bad dream today. Every night I feel like I dream crazy dreams when I awake it disappears into obscurity. I feel like there is something dark following me I wonder if it's because I am dealing with a lot. Hmm I am going to go with that. So the stores I have to hit up, Good Will, Walmart(spray paint), Maybe Burger King for lunch or Wendy's or maybe Carl's. What do you think? Then I have to find a place where I can get some clothes, I have $50 to spend so I don't know where to go. I'll make it work... (>^.^)> Somehow. I bought three plants, Tomatoes, Pascilla chili, and Jalapeno chili. They are doing really good. the tomatoes are about the size of half dollar, and the chilies are bushy and flowering. I bought then knowing that I was going to eat them yum... When I am sad I will go and sit with them talk with them I have had them now for about a month and they haven't died can you believe that. When I got them I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to take care of them but they are sturdy little guys. I greet them in the morning say good night to them before I fall asleep. Mid afternoon I check to make sure that they are ok in the sun. I need to get a cage for the tomatoes though I didn't think they would bloom so fast. 

I don't know how to do anything else but to fill my time. Unwinding from the day is maybe drinking a beer while listening to music or watching a flick. If I could I would drink a glass of wine with my plants. Well I need to go take of all this stuff today before it gets any later. 


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